The Investment

investmentOrdinary pizza franchises are often a recipe for a flame-out. They look and taste the same as their competitors and fail to engage their guests. Ours are made to be way more manageable and life-friendly. We deliver more for owners and distinguish ourselves by branching out far beyond the boundaries of the neighborhood or national pizzeria — full-service, fresh ingredients, dietary options and craft beer and wine. Potential Brixx Wood Fired Pizza franchisees should have $2 million in net worth and $200,000 in working capital to be considered.

Start Up Costs

Pre-opening Expenses
Real estate, real estate construction
and utility deposits, professional
fees, insurance and franchise fees
can run $330K-$495K

Location Expenses
Location improvements,
furniture, fixtures and
equipment and initial
inventory: $170K-$225K

Operational Expenses
Insurance, permits and
licenses, marketing and
operating expenses for the
first three months: