The Opportunity

We’re not embarrassed to say it: It’s an exciting time at Brixx. We have a true passion for food, beer and wine. In turn, that’s created a growing brand and a winning menu that resonates with our guests. They love our food. We love making it for them.

“Brixx impresses with a combination of craft and microbrew beers alongside non-pizza food items that broaden its appeal.” – RMGT Magazine (2012)

We invite each location – company and franchise – to tailor daily specials and beer and wine lists for the specific tastes of its market. That lets you turn your Brixx into the “neighborhood Brixx” and ensures there’s always something new and exciting to share at Brixx.


A solid foundation, with an independent streak.

We’re looking for franchise owners across the continental United States who share our passion for pizza, beer and wine. We make our core menu items in house from scratch every day. That makes good business sense and food that tastes fresher and better than the competition. Our guests can taste the care we put into our work … and we’re proud of that.

New Tastes. Proven Favorites.

We’re not just pizza. By tapping into the burgeoning craft beer culture, as well as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free cuisine, we keep our menu fresh and offer our guests an ever-evolving menu that’s able to combine perennial favorites with items infused by the latest culinary trends.

The guys who started Brixx? You’ll work with them.

When you prepare to open a Brixx, you’ll be working with the founders – the team that opened the first Brixx in 1998. They’re involved in company store operations and working to assist franchisees every day. (We bought them desks in the corporate office, but they prefer to be up and moving around.)